Everything you need in a Suture Kit

Our kits are comprehensively packed with anything you could possibly need to hone your skills. We understand the degree of precision required; thus, our instruments are calibrated to the finest scale, ensuring each movement of your hand is as accurate as need be. Our suture kits include the following, all examined through a rigorous quality inspection process:

  • Hegar needle holder
  • Adson forceps
  • Suture scissors
  • Scalpel blades (3-pack)
  • Suture thread (16-packs)

All of these instruments are conveniently organized inside a fashionable case (25-piece package)


Suture Kit with tools in detail

Superior and Reliable

Not only does our suture pad uncannily resemble actual human tissue, but with proper maintenance it can be reused up to 100 times. Each pair of forceps, blades and scissors is put through a thorough stress test. This test includes bending and flexing each tool to lengths it wouldn’t have to go to normally. This is done to ensure no faulty equipment finds its way into your hands and only the best tools that survive the stress test are packed into our kits. Goes without saying that you will face a plethora of different cuts and wounds throughout your medical career. Why not start preparing for it? Rather than learning as you go; practice beforehand on our suture pad which is pre-cut with 14 wounds of 8 types with ample room for additional cuts, amounting to a total size of 17cm×17cm. Feel free to experiment!


Pad with wounds for suture



Silk and nylon sutures that a part of the kit

As real as artificially possible!

We developed our suture pads keeping your concern in mind. After all, nobody assembled IKEA furniture without watching a few DIY tutorials, right? Similarly, how can a student draw parallels between his training and actual operations when he/she was never exposed to real tissue in the first place? Our extremely lifelike pads spare you this debacle and with enough practice, you can successfully become an expert without having operated even once! The variety of wounds embedded in our silicone pads cater to every type of injury you may encounter during your practice. Additionally, there is a wire mesh placed between the flesh and the fat layer, warning you whenever you cut too deep. Give yourself the confidence you need before you head off into the field.


Suture pad with anatomical likeness


Tested by Medical students worldwide

Developed by experts; verified by students. Instead of getting our products tested by some association or panel, we sought to let you people - the students - decide upon the quality and reliability of our kits. Who better to inspect and verify the kits than the people who are actually going to use the product? We continually research new ways to improve our kits based on the feedback we receive from students around the world. Your input is most important to us, which is why we do more than just deliver excellence. We form a relationship with students. And by doing so, we form a meaningful relationship with the future of surgical practice. Interested in helping us better our brand? Send us an email or give us a call. Our chatty staff is always glad to hear from you.


Medical students that test suture